Watt revolutionizes strength training with AI-powered sensors.

The future of strength training is here.

Automatically tracks weight/reps/sets on any weights · Just open your phone and go. work. out.


Designed and built out of San Diego, CA.


No data entry

Logs your exercise automatically, including weight, reps, and type of exercise. Just open your phone and go.


AI powered

Provides personalized recommendations.


Any equipment

Works with free weights, dumbbells, kettlebells, bar and barbells, plate loaded machines and selectorized machines.


Any manufacturer

Flexible design supports machines by any manufacturer.


Easy self-installation

Upgrade your existing equipment at home.

Breaking ground in San Diego and Moscow


"This is awesome and so needed in our industry. We can’t wait to add these to all our locations. The feedback from our trainers is epic. The efficiency this will create for their customers PRICELESS! We at Self Made are READY!"

Miguel Aguilar, Founder and CEO Self Made Training Facility, San Diego/US


Watt is a fitness-tech startup based out of San Diego, CA.


Our story

Watt was strated by three Ph.D. physicsists, with the aim to apply cutting edge machine learning and signal processing methods to the fitness industry. The first product - an IoT device for tracking selectorized machines & user apps for iOS and Android - was released in 2019 and gained traction at gyms in California and Moscow. The next generation of the platform brings intelligent strength workouts to the home and professional gym markets.

Vadim Mails

Vadim Malis


Vadim received his Ph.D. in physics from UC San Diego, where he became an expert in advanced signal analysis methods such as compressed sensing.

Oliver K. Ernst

Oliver K. Ernst


Oliver received his Ph.D. in physics from UC San Diego, with expertise in machine learning.

Nelson Hua

Nelson Hua


Nelson received his Ph.D. in physics from UC San Diego, with expertise in x-ray physics and data analysis.

Eva Hilf

Eva Hilf


Eva has 20+ years experience in global business development & expansion, including at P&G, BRITA and most recently at Polar Electro.